Today's Audio: Mindset is caught, not taught


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Happy Halloween, y’all.

What prompted today’s missive was one of you subscribers asking me why the frequency of these emails has slowed; he said he was waiting on the next one.

That made my day.

I’m grinding through a lot right now: started a new company, writing a book, running corporate mindfulness workshops*, and some really unfortunate emotional turmoil tied to someone doing their best to drive a wedge between me and something I care about deeply.

To have one of you say that Inbox Mindfulness is resonating with you really put the wind in my sails. You know who you are—thank you!

And for the rest of y’all: never forget that telling someone that you appreciate what they’re making never gets old.

* It’s hard not to appreciate the poetry of getting really stressed about running a mindfulness workshop. But the workshops were great. Might share stories of those down the road.

Mindfully yours,