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  • Stories from 15 years of entrepreneurship education, helping founders in 22 countries make their own dent in the universe.

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After I read your essay, I had to read it again immediately. Your ideas marked a moment in my life.
-Alejandro Navia Mejia

I ended your piece thinking what a great use of my time. Thanks for passing on the wisdom with Jedi simplicity.
-Dan Greenwald

About Actionworks

Actionworks is a Zoom-era education company led by Cam Houser.

Cam is an internationally recognized startup founder, facilitator, and professor known for building online and offline programs helping 20,000 people use the methods and mindsets of entrepreneurs. He works with:

  • Founders ($187 million investor capital raised, exits to Google and Etsy)

  • Organizations (Apple, GE Aviation)

  • Students (University of Texas, Stanford, MIT and 250 other institutions)

He is best known for leading and scaling 3 Day Startup, an entrepreneurship education organization, to deliver on-the-ground programs in 35 countries.