A few minutes of peace to calm the body, reduce anxiety, and develop your mind

This program is built for the knowledge worker making it through a workday. Most subscribers have little, if any, previous experience with mindfulness.

Format: Mindfulness + Business Advice

Each session begins with a brief guided meditation to elicit the relaxation response: comfortable posture leads to relaxed breathing, which leads to slowing down an overactive mind.

Next, the session will ease into carefully chosen words on topics relevant to thriving in the modern workplace.

Audio Meditations Straight to your Inbox

Meditations are released once a week. As paying subscribers grow, frequency will increase.

Each meditation is embedded directly into your email, removing the psychological distance between you and a few minutes of calm.

About the Creator: Cam Houser

Cam is a 3-time entrepreneur, a professor at the University of Texas, and a meditator going on ten years of mindfulness practice.

After a decade of stress and strain as the Founder/CEO of a company with operations spanning 30 countries, he was inspired to help others feeling overworked and burned out.

He has designed and delivered programs to make more effective and innovative workers for organizations such as Apple, Daimler, and KPMG.