Why are we in the era of video?

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Greetings, Rulebreakers-

Why do I talk about video so much? Why is it so important?

I’ve answered these questions in this email course: The Era of Video

In this 6-day email course, you'll learn...

  • How video can help you build connections with people you've never met

  • How video allows you to market yourself "pandemic-proof" with a production studio in your pocket

  • How video is conquering more and more platforms (and why that's great news for you)

  • How video outperforms all other forms of content (and saves you tons of time)

  • And how you can produce high-grade videos with about $100 equipment

6-day email course

See you in the Zoom grid,

P.S. I’m running an interactive workshop on how to improve your background for webconferencing and recording videos on Thursday, Oct 8th. More details here.

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