Why are people attending Enter the 36 Strangers tonight?

Why people sign up for online events

Here’s why y’all are attending Instant Community Building: Enter the 36 Strangers tonight. I’m sharing this because many of you are interested in building online audiences and I figured “why people sign up for an event” might be useful for you.

(It’s not too late if you want to join. But sign up in the next few hours!)

Note: Some of you mentioned big projects you wanted to launch but I deleted just in case you wanted to keep that on the DL.

Answer to “why is this interesting to you?”

Very intrigued about the 36 questions.
Interested in doing things like this to meet interesting people and form community. Also, I am always open to meeting potential future co-founders.
Just curiosity.
Always love meeting new people. And curious how fast you can make a connection with someone.
This guy in WoP who's always laid back on his sofa
Believing in the breakout rooms potential
Looking to be a part of and build out an internet community.
Building community, psychology
It's always fun to meet new people :)
I want to form closer virtual connections with my online friends and learn to build communities
Your class today (DIY video) + nytimes article + explainer video
Trying to understand how to build communities in situations where people don't feel welcome in traditional, entrenched community structures (family, church, etc.).
I simply would like to research the idea of forming a community and explore the image that I give to people that know little about me.
Discover something new about mysel
Laughing a lot, that had me sold.
Thank you Cam for this initiative.
Always curious to connect
I'm looking for better ways to connect with new people and communicate better what I do and why I am doing it.
I'd like to learn how to grow communities online, or how to successfully join an existing one
I want to build my online community
Wu-tang Clan. Also, I'm interested in adapting to the new remote / Zoom world. Are people doomed to isolation now, or is there something unique about Zoom interactions that can be leveraged for even deeper connection? For example, aren't breakout rooms better than "real" life? Especially when bringing together lots of people. I'm not sure. Looking forward to it Cam!
Networking interest
I would like to expand my networking out of my country and also practice my english.
We are building a hybrid online and offline model for investing in...
I'm interested in this topic an application for my own organizations and I've learned a lot through your other programs
I am interested in curating meaningful gatherings and building bridges. I joined the Control the Room meetup group about 8 weeks ago. I heard about this event on their slack channel - and anything I hear about via CTR is likely to be enriching and fun.
Meeting new people!
The community- and facilitation-building aspects
I love Cam Housers energy
Meeting new people from around the world, and having interesting conversations on things you care about!
1. Future of education is learning through authentic online connections. 2. Community building is much on my mind in supporting the
Interested in building communities
Interested in the concept!
Love the idea of compressing the the time it takes to connect with someone new.
I'm all about connection and things run by Cam Houser.
The possibility of bringing something like this to strengthen relationships in a coalition
i run a lot of online meet ups and would like to learn + share
Attended the 3DS Fireside Chat with Beverly and Cam, and he mentioned this meetup. Would love to network and connect with others, especially now.
I'm a community builder
I got interested by attending the event "3DS CEO Fireside Chat (with Cam Houser and Beverly Hamilton) + Peer Networking"
The concept of this session is very intriguing to me. Besides, right now I'm trying to figure out my career path and this session might help me with that.
Chris Federer promoted it. Also I’m deeply interested in authentic human connection and synchronicity
New knowledge is always welcome
LinkedIn post
A fellow wop student trying to build an audience
I facilitate workshops and want to learn more about how to encourage connection while on video conference.

See you in the Zoom grid TONIGHT!!!!