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Plus: Santa works remote

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🎟 Welcome A, Alpha, Chris, Copper, SD, Jon, K, A, W, Cams, Bentel, Anjali, Marlan, JV, Berkay 🎟

Greetings, Rulebreakers!

What I’ve been up to:

🐈 Receiving lots of “help” from Pinky as I teach a roomful of students how to use video to accelerate their careers:

🌵 Infusing tequila, part 12: Cinnamon. Like Rosemary, this was NOT GOOD.
❌ Usually I have more interesting updates of what I’m up to but Minimum Viable Video is dominating my life right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

Minimum Viable Video Updates

We’re a little over halfway through. The cohort is on fire. This week’s highlights:

  • People posting public videos for the first time. If you’re a veteran of making videos, it doesn’t warrant a second thought. But your first few are a big deal. Huge shoutout to those of you who did it. You know who you are.

  • Robbie Crabtree led a session on storytelling (TAKEAWAY: start as late as possible in the story)

  • Spencer Ingram of Best Monday Ever gave us a playbook for how to use video to score meetings with decision-makers

  • The “What I Learned Facilitating 500 Zoom Sessions” session. Julia covered the takeaways in this twitter thread

  • Nate Kadlac led us through a pretty incredible session on titling, graphics, and thumbnails. Peep the progression (featuring Naseem Malik and Reddy2go) below:

Coming to the cohort soon: “The Minimum Viable Video Film Festival” and The “Guide to Using Video on Linkedin”

A Chemist’s Interesting Introduction

Entrepreneurs understand that anytime someone asks what do you do for a living, it’s an opportunity.

An opportunity to make a friend, win a customer, create a partnership…or test out some language.

Entrepreneurs pitch all of the time, which means they need language that works.

But everyone, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, needs language that works. Whether the goal is to land a meeting, negotiate a raise, or get the attention of an industry leader.

George Whitesides, one of the most famous living chemists, experimented with how he introduced himself at parties. Over time, he found a way to introduce his work that consistently piqued people’s interest.

Experimenting with how you answer this question is straight out of the “Learn from Rulebreakers” playbook. Just like Kobe took a new perspective on an everyday object (the NBA referee’s handbook), George Whitesides experimented with an everyday occurrence (introducing oneself) to find opportunities to learn, grow, and spark conversation.

Rulebreaker Takeaway: the next time you introduce yourself to someone, try it a different way.

This Week in Remote Work

Mall Santas, like the rest of us, are working remotely.

See you in the Zoom grid,


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