The Lucky Pitch Deck

One founder's throwback approach made its way to Andreessen Horowitz, SoftBank and Founders Fund | How to communicate with important people

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What’s good, y’all!

Danielle Baskin, founder of Dialup, created a 1990s-style email chain letter—complete with animated gifs, colorful fonts, and promises of good fortune—to attract investor attention and contacts.

Inside the 'fwd: fwd: lucky pitch deck' that's reached over 500 ...

This offbeat strategy worked: over 500 VCs received the email, and the Dialup team landed dozens of meetings with firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, SoftBank and Founders Fund.

More on the chain-email-to-land-venture-capital strategy here.

In other news, I’ve been cranking away helping organizations scale their entrepreneurship/innovation learning. Most of this involves designing, delivering, or assisting orgs with large-scale virtual programs.

My biggest personal goal these days is to build an audience so I can have more impact beyond enterprises and institutionally-vetted entrepreneurs.

Audience-building has involved making shedloads of content, all of which I’m really excited about.

Enjoy this video I made below, which offers tried-and-true tactics for communicating with important people. It was inspired by the time my colleagues and I sent a really stupid email to Paul Graham…

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