The Great Texas Snowstorm

Texas: snow game weak

:::this issue is two days late because of this snowstorm. I started getting annoyed when I realized mother nature was going to break my streak for the newsletter, so I am sending something out. Note that there may be more errors than usual because I am dictating the entire thing. It is too cold to take my hands out from below the blankets:::

The Great Texas Snow Storm

We are in the middle of a 50 year storm. 

The power has been out for the last four days.

My thoughts on this?


What good does panicking do?

What value do I get from being upset?

What would complaining accomplish?

In summary, Panicking, Getting upset, complaining: mostly useless.


By the way, do not worry about Sarah and I. We have plenty of clothes, a fairly decent amount of non perishable food on hand thanks to Covid preparation , and plenty of paper books to read.


We went to a convenience store yesterday and scored pretty big: some energy bars, some pork rinds, and some flaming hot Cheetos.

It felt like a scene in an apocalypse or a zombie movie when the protagonists are stocking up. iIt's a really quiet and all the lights are off. 

Except that there was probably 15 people in the store and everyone was acting perfectly friendly and polite. 

Strange and eerie, yes. Dangerous, no.


Currently reading: Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Thrilling, albeit dark, read about humanity and the way forward.

Most interesting tidbits so far are that apparently the reason we care about having a lawns in our front yard is due to French and English aristocrats in the middle ages and a fairly interesting take on how societal pressure on Allan Turing, the father of modern computing, might have led to him devising the Turing test. (The Turing test is one of the best measures of artificial intelligence we have)


Things I have learned from the snowstorm

–a charged laptop can charge my phone about three times

–a government website said that food in the freezer can last up to 48 hours. This turned out not to be true for us 

Dash keeping some cash in your wallet is a good idea

–my experiments in fasting (from a two-year experiment in 16/8 intermittent fasting to the time a friend and I went camping for four days with no food to see if we could do it) are coming in handy

-Having a chronic condition which makes typing painful forced me to learn how to control Technology by speaking into it, means that I can keep my hands warm and under the covers :)


stay safe y’all

Hopefully will be back to normal next week,