New Article: Kobe Bryant's Secret Handbook

#3: TONIGHT: 90 DIY video workshop | “Build an Online Course” Course

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Greetings, rulebreakers!

This issue:

  • Tonight: DIY video workshop

  • Article: Kobe Bryant’s Secret Handbook

  • Next week: Instant Community Workshop

  • A penny for your thoughts

Tonight: DIY Video Workshop

I’ve been talking about this for a minute now and the day is finally here! With 75 people already registered, we’re going to have some rich interactions and learning in breakout rooms. Register here.

Rulebreaker Article: Kobe Bryant’s Secret Handbook

Kobe Bryant read the NBA referees handbook to gain advantages on the basketball court. In this piece, I’ll go deeper on the backstory of this move and how it applies to our lives.

Reader Alejandro said this:

After I read your essay, I had to read it again immediately. Your ideas marked a moment in my life.

It would make my day if you would read it, and if it “hits different,” share it.

Find the article here.

Next week: Instant Community Workshop

If the skill to authentically connect with people is powerful, doing it online is a super power.

I’m running a session next Monday where I’ll take you through a process based on the work of psychologist Arthur Aron from 1997.

Note: this isn’t a how-to session where I take you through a slide deck. This involves you exploring connections with someone you’ve never met in Zoom breakout rooms. I’ll guide you through it, but you have to show up.

Details/signup here.

Courses I’m thinking about launching:

I’ll probably launch one of these in the next 1-2 months.

  • Become a Zoom Pro: High-level presenting, persuading, and facilitating in online sessions

  • “Build an Online Course” Course: Expert facilitator-led, feedback-driven, community-driven experiences are the secret for developing anything where you’re not sure if you have what it takes. Building courses is no different. Imagine a cohort of motivated people supporting you through best practices and me sharing stories of scaling an education org to serve 20,000 people in 30 countries. Not to mention stories of the time I got food poisoning in Armenia and when pitched (unsuccessfully) a Japanese billionaire. What’s not to like?

  • DIY Video Accelerator: a Write of Passage-style community of people learning from each other and producing videos (reminder: session tonight!)

If you want to “vote” on one of these, email me a few words of your thoughts*

See you in the Zoom grid,

* Mini-entrepreneur lesson: This request will give me some insights, but no matter how enthusiastic the words are, they mean nothing as far as actual consumer willingness to pay. Surveys and interviews are terrible for uncovering this. In later emails, I’ll go over risk mitigation tactics reveal if someone will actually buy.

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