Monday: Enter the 36 Strangers

#4: DIY Video Session recap, Pitching in Zoom, mmhmm

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This issue:

  • DIY Smartphone Video session recap

  • Mmhmm

  • One Minute Zoom Tip: Pitching in Zoom

  • Instant Community Building: Enter the 36 Strangers

DIY Smartphone Video Session Recap

Thanks for being part of an amazing session. I laughed when y’all came up with ideas for the Worst Show Ever and I got sentimental when you jokers gratitude attacked me. We covered:

  • The “100 Hellos” approach to getting comfortable on camera and gaining familiarity with your phone’s capabilities. I’ve already received 5 hello videos! All of them made my day. Keep’em coming, whether you send them to me or someone else

  • Low- to no-budget approaches to gear

  • Phone camera hardware is good enough that skill—not gear—is the limiting factor. This is a BIG DEAL

  • We’re in the early days of personal video production

  • How to use videos in personal and interesting ways beyond over-the-top youtubers

I’m going to try to package up everything we went over in future newsletters and videos, but I’m definitely going to run this again so stay tuned if you missed it or want to see how it evolves.

Special shoutout Sherlyn for summarizing and Erik for saving the day re: technical difficulties.


This is not a shot from an energy drink commercial.

This is me beta-testing Mmhmm, a presentation and screensharing tool for Zoom and Hangouts. The tool solves some of the worst issues during Zoom presentations. The Tron/Mondrian vibes are just a bonus.

The app is a resource hog but I’m cautiously optimistic it will improve our abilities to present and persuade in Zoom. And Zoom skills—along with video skills—are key to professional life in the 2020s. More updates on Mmhmm soon. Mmhmm’s interface:

Mmhmm turns your boring Zoom call into a Weekend Update-style TV ...

While we’re on the subject of persuading in Zoom…

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Pitching in Zoom

If you’re an entrepreneur, pitching in Zoom is going to become more and more important. This is the lightweight version of more Zoom-related presenting and persuasion tips coming soon.

Monday: Enter the 36 Strangers

This session is a participatory workshop that gets people to connect in interesting ways. Join me and 30 others on Monday for a fun hybrid of professional development, social experiment, and personal growth. Outcomes:

  • Learn an interesting way to speed up building community online

  • Laugh. A lot

  • Discover something new about yourself

  • Meet someone helpful for your career or just an interesting conversation partner

This is an hour long session based on the work of psychologist/researcher Arthur Aron. A NYT article on his research went viral.

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