Liquid death, Zoom fatigue is a lie

Burglar's Guide to the City, "Comfortable on camera" part 2

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Greetings, Rulebreakers!

Hey! Today is a special day. You received the launch email of Minimum Viable Video and this week’s issue of Learning from Rulebreakers.

What I’ve been up to:

🚀 Had a lovely conversation with big-time Youtuber Ali Abdaal, who is going to be involved in Minimum Viable Video, my November course on how to use video to accelerate your career or your company. HYPED!!!!

📱 In addition to Ali, I chatted with a gent wondering if the course is a good fit for him. I just wanted to put out there that I’m wide open to a quick chat if you’d like to learn more. Just respond to this email.

🌶️ Infusing tequila, part 7: pondering bottling it up and giving it away as client gifts. Considering coming up with a brand name just because I enjoy nerding out on that kind of stuff.

“Rulebreakers are Innovators” Quote

“A pallet is a ladder to a burglar”
-Geoff Manaugh, A Burglar’s Guide to the City

Just because a tool was designed for an intended purpose doesn’t mean you need to use it in that way.

(This book is wild, btw. The premise is that we can better understand architecture and cities through the lens of burglars and thieves. The author supposes that because those groups interact with urban structures in such creative and non-standard ways, we can learn from their perspectives).

Learning Video by Making Video: Warp Speed Edition

What type of video can you make with no prior experience in two hours?

This weekend, I took 14 people through a video sprint from zero to one.

Adam Tank, the leader of the “crossfit for writing” crew, let me take the reigns over the weekend. He and 14 others filmed multiple rounds of video in a compressed timeline.

Adam made a welcome video for his site:

If that intro hooked you, his site/newsletter is here:

Zoom Fatigue is a lie

Y’all, Zoom fatigue doesn’t exist as long as the person leading the session knows what it means to facilitate.

Learn how to run a room.

Animated GIF

(btw, if you want to learn this editing effect—pulling the shot back to highlight the people in the grid—I’ll explain it in my upcoming course on video: Minimum Viable Video. Above is the gif version; Youtube version here)

Liquid Death

A story in three tweets about branding, sparkling water, and the workarounds we invent when we’re young and insecure.

(Aside: I in a very not-serious way want to start a competitor called “Tuff Bubbs” 😂

How to get comfortable on camera, part 2

Part two covers pareidolia, which is the fancy term for how humans see faces in everything. I also cover something I call the Rubber Band Effect.

Read it here:

See you in gallery view,

P.S. Why is video such a powerful medium? Why is now the time to learn it? In this email course, I review those factors:

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