Learn DIY video / Cell-grown BBQ / Phil Collins drum fills

Also: Steely Dan, Write of Passage | Mailing #2

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Greetings, rulebreakers.

This week I finish up Write of Passage, an online writing class that has been one of the best educational experiences of my life. A decade ago, I founded a company called 3 Day Startup that became a global phenomenon and now runs in 50 countries. In the early days, we could sense that it was something special. It was gonna be big.

That same energy is present with Write of Passage. I’m excited to be part of it and expect big things from the community that founders David Perell and Tiago Forte have assembled.

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Last issue: How to reach out to important people, aka the story of the time we botched an exchange with Paul Graham [youtube, 5 min]

This issue: Upcoming DIY video session, details below.

Next issue: When we reminisce about Kobe Bryant, his tenacity and competitiveness come to mind. I have a piece about his creativity and inventiveness coming soon. This is best thing I’ve ever written and I’m over the moon to share it with you.

Next next issue: upcoming Enter the 36 Strangers Zoom session.

“We'll complete jerky and brisket prototypes by 2023”

I recently heard that sentence in a pitch from a lab-grown meat company called BioBQ, the Beyond Meat/Impossible Foods of barbecue. Only in Austin would you hear the words "brisket" and "prototype" in the same sentence.

Interested in learning DIY Video?

I spent years learning how to create high-quality smartphone videos. Some new internet friends asked how to get started so I’m running a session open to all. It will be high-energy, fun, and interactive. Even if you already make videos, this will be a chance to get feedback on ideas and serve as the beginning of a great community.

One minute preview video of what to expect:

When: Monday, August 10 at 7pm CST/8pm EST.
Duration: 90 minutes
Where: Zoom link you’ll receive in calendar invite the day of
How to get in: Register and tell me you what want me to focus on in this signup form. If you already sent me your email, the form is optional—but it is an opportunity to tell me what is important to you and aid me in shaping the session accordingly.

Creative Innovation: Phil Collins, Steely Dan

One of my side gigs is teaching a class called “Creative Entrepreneurship” at the University of Texas. I’m fascinated with how musicians, filmmakers, creators, and artists innovate and solve problems. Click on the tweet to below to read a thread on the errors and randomness that led Phil Collins to the iconic drum break on “In the Air Tonight.” It also goes deep on Steely Dan.

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