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What I’ve been up to:

🎟 Crossing the 300 subscriber mark! 300 Rulebreakers! I’m pumped about this and it just motivates me to make the newsletter more useful for you.

🌶️ Infusing tequila, part 3: Poblano peppers. Serranos are strong. Turns out poblanos were too mild. Next experiments: serrano/poblano blends and then some habaneros or guajillos with tighter infusion times.

🏭 Demo’ing my information capture/content production setup in Christina Luo’s Mentor group of the Building a Second Brain course. I shared how I use the Iphone’s dictation features to transcribe ideas that end up in my note taking system and eventually become youtube videos.

In this issue:

  • K-pop as soft power

  • Sign up for a workshop I’m running this week

  • How to avoid awkwardness in Zoom

Workshop this Week

In a world where we’re all buried in emails and text...

Videos are a fantastic tool to stand out, show your uniqueness, and connect with people.

And the best way to learn video is to make video.

Even a short video.

Last week, I ran a Zoom workshop for people interested in creating a 30-60 second welcome video to build audience for their newsletters and personal websites.

This wasn’t a webinar where someone talks at you for an hour. This session was all about action and learning by doing.

We had a blast so I’m running it again.

It’s thrilling to see the lightbulb moment in people’s heads: they realize that video is not as intimidating as they thought, and that a collaborative approach makes the process fun and the results better.

This will focus on tiny, bite-size, no-pressure videos so you can get a feel for making something. Doesn’t matter if you have a newsletter or a website—this is for learning.

Register for the Thursday workshop here

Btw, here’s an example of a newsletter welcome video:

What Korea learned from Hollywood: K-pop as soft power

K-pop fans are creative, dedicated and social – we should take ...

the South Korean government sees K-pop as its greatest source of soft power, or even prestige. Today, it is the country’s most profitable and well-known cultural export, and makes South Korea a globally known nation.

Hollywood is directly linked to the United States’ global influence. The Korean government aims to reap similar benefits from K-pop and the country’s world-dominating pop music infrastructure.

A (very) long-form analysis of K-pop and the business machinations behind it: article.

How to avoid awkwardness in Zoom

Momentum in meetings is underrated.

Good flow of ideas and communication leads to better outcomes and happier people.

The tip in the video below is a deceptively simple way to keep a Zoom meeting’s momentum and avoid awkward transitions between meeting participants.

tl;dr: “pass the mic” so it’s clear your done and the attendees know who’s up next:

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