Illicit origins of Nascar's Innovation, "that house is cute af"

Plus: movie-style video trailers for job seekers?

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Greetings, Rulebreakers!

What I’ve been up to:

🎙️ Going Live on Linkedin with careers expert Austin Belcak. This gent is a class act. He and I spent an hour sharing stories of rulebreaker-style approaches to finding work and navigating life. The session is here. Several viewers sent me videos mid-session! Huge respect for these folks taking action to learn video in the moment.

▶️ Continuing through the “Entrepreneurship in the Digital Era” series to a group of aspiring and current entrepreneurs in 30 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. These sessions are going so well I have to kick people off after the post-session informal hangout time. You love to see it.

🌶️ Infusing tequila, part 11: Rosemary. Meh. Needs more time; the flavor is too subtle.

🚀 Highlights from Minimum Viable Video

  • One student made 62 videos in one week! 62!

  • Intimate Q&A where students asked Youtube star Ali Abdaal about his revenue numbers, Youtube fame, and how to think about analytics

  • “Burst Mode”: a two hour session were novice videomakers students created 5-10 videos in one sitting. Tweetstorm here

  • Several dedicated 1-on-1 sessions with students. These sessions have focused on topics such as using video to create momentum for new entrepreneurial ventures and demystifying editing.

  • Unpacking the DIPS framework, a simple structure for giving and receiving feedback for video creators:

Waitlist for the next cohort of Minimum Viable Video.

Rulebreaking Idea of the Week: Movie-style trailers for job interviews

I’m always talking about how people can use video to further their careers. Usually this involves delivering some well-constructed, well-delivered lines on video about the impact you have made and the impact you will make. If you’re trying to land a job, for example, include a youtube link in your cover letter.

I think movie trailers are fascinating. What if you made a movie-style trailer for a job interview? I’m going to marinate on this a bit and maybe try it out with a subscriber.

Curiosity, Vulnerability, and a House that is Cute as F*%#

My confidence and my intensity are two of my greatest strengths.

Part of those attributes came from embracing vulnerability, which took me forever to figure out. (And I’m still figuring it out. SO to my lady for giving me the space to figure it out). Hard-charging aggression was a key part of my earlier successes so it took me awhile to understand the power that vulnerability brings.

Curiosity about vulnerability is what inspired the Personal Boards of Directors framework. I had been a CEO for a few years and realized how powerful it was to have a board of directors—a set of people thinking about the challenges facing my company.

I thought to myself, “why should CEOs be the only ones to have that support?” And now that I had it for my business, I wanted it for my personal life. I always hated asking for help and this structure made it easy for my friends to help me and for me to help them.

I pitched it to my friends and they were up to give it a try. We called the first one “The Bourbon Boardroom” because I thought that if you drape something in the language of alcohol and business, men will talk about their feelings.

The video below is hilarious and, despite being a caricature, captures a spark of what a great Personal Board of Directors meeting looks like. Also, NSFW language.

If you’re curious about the benefits that come from that sort of experiment, consider trying it out with your friends. I’m happy to say that this framework has extended beyond my circle—a few hundred people have tried it at this point.

Playbook for running a Personal Boards of Directors.

Learning from Rulebreakers: Rum Running to Life Saving

A one-off story about innovation, Nascar, and saving lives. Nascar, the billion dollar car-racing behemoth, arose from a culture of southerners making illegal alcohol.

See you in gallery view,

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