Changes to Inbox Mindfulness

Taking a new direction

Greetings, y’all. It’s your friend Cam. I hope all of you are well and surviving the weirdness that is life in 2020.

Things are good with me, albeit surreal. It took awhile, but stir-craziness is just now starting to sink in. For most of quarantine I’ve been producing shedloads of videos. See below for a pic of one of my takes getting interrupted by sarah’s cats…


I wanted to give an update to the format of this newsletter.

Long story short: I’m switching gears.

The guided meditations will be distributed through my youtube channel. The latest experiment is adding ambient music (I’ve been dusting off the ol’ sampler/synthesizer!); see below. Note: I’m not deleting the old posts, so if you want to revisit those they will be available in the archives.

As for what this newsletter will become, I’m going to switch to some new topics. The macro subject will be entrepreneurial learnings from unlikely sources. Here’s the new description of the newsletter:

Learning from Rulebreakers: Atypical stories of creativity, entrepreneurship, and productivity. From El Chapo's tunnels to Uber's disregard of regulations, this newsletter explores what can we learn from rulebreakers.

The above topic will be the major theme, but the tone going to forward is going to be a bit more personal. I’ll be sharing my own insights and thoughts from my own entrepreneurial journey. I’m constantly testing approaches to teaching entrepreneurship and growing entrepreneurs, as well as all manner of weird experiments because that’s what I’m into :)

Other themes: Zoom, AI, the information economy, online learning, digital notetaking and productivity, using video to accelerate your career, and more.

I mention all of this to give you the chance to unsubscribe, should you want to.

Until next time,